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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Food Porn: A Saturday Night Girls' Date to Cafeteria, NYC

I meant to post this last night, but when you see the pictures you’ll understand why I didn’t. I went to dinner last night with my girl friend Emily, and we ended up so full that we actually cried the entire train ride back uptown. I basically dragged myself into my bed and wept salty tears of faux-remorse over my gluttony.
You see, Emily and I had dinner at my favorite restaurant in NYC, Cafeteria (17th and 7th, 212-414-1717). Cafeteria’s been open since, oh 1999 I believe - definitely since I was in late middle school - and since my very first visit there, its nouveau American dishes have won the coveted #1 place in my fatty, fatty heart. Not to mention, Cafeteria’s location in Chelsea makes it a prime people-watching place. All of the cutest boys and girls go there, so it’s fun to check out how stylish and downtown everyone looks. 
Oh - and Cafeteria makes some of the best cocktails ever!
Granted, I know this isn’t makeup porn but sometimes, a girl just has to post food porn. We can’t all survive on lipgloss alone! Besides, I did rename this blog “Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies”! Now, onto the pictures!
Here’s my drink, the Wildberry Mojito (one of the summer cocktails). This tasted like a Jolly Rancher (and Emily agreed), sweet but tart. I could have had a few of these.

Emily ordered a...oh hell, what was it called? A Cucumber Cooler or something? It was another one of the summer cocktail options. It was gin based, and it was just so light and refreshing. I’m all about cucumber in my cocktails during the summer, but I wanted to get something different from Emily.

We both split Cafeteria’s infamous Mac Attack. Cafeteria is known for their truffle oil mac and cheese, but they also make two other flavors: gouda and bacon, and fontina and cheddar. In the picture below, the gouda and bacon is on the left, the truffle oil is in the middle, and the fontina and cheddar is on the right. This appetizer (which is a meal in itself, really) is seriously sinful.

Despite the heaviness of the Mac Attack, Emily and I decided to more food. Clearly, we’re masochists (and gluttons).  In the picture below, Emily’s Baja Fish Tacos are in the background, and her grilled asparagus with cheese is in the middle. The foreground...well, that’s obvious: my chicken and waffles! That’s a half a chicken right there, perfectly fried in a buttermilk batter. The waffle was crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and divinely buttermilk-y. Both the chicken and the waffle ended up drenched in maple syrup. 

We couldn’t finish our meals, although we tried! I ate 99% of mine. Somehow, we managed to pay the bill (which wasn’t terrible - what I love about Cafeteria is that the food is well-priced for the amount and quality: dinner for two with a drink each and an appetizer will run you on average $70-80) and waddle to the train.
If you’re ever in Chelsea and in the mood for something gluttonous and delicious, definitely check out Cafeteria! Follow the restaurant on Twitter at @CAFETERIAnyc for fun updates.

PS: Makeup-wise, I wasn't wearing much because this NYC heat is ridiculous! This weekend I've just been wearing my Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge, one of my assortment of NARS Illuminators, mascara, brow pencil (Le Metier de Beaute, of course), and a lip color.